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Pandora Style Components

Pandora Style Necklaces & Bracelets are a great way of expressing yourself through jewelry and make great gifts too. Start with a plain Pandora style bracelet, add just one charm and a couple of lampwork beads, and collect more as you go until the bracelet has no space for more. Alternatively, you can choose from the completed bracelets and bangles, each of which has a separate theme such as soul, Mother's love, travel, peace, determined, and much more. Pandora style necklaces are also available in themes such as Fortunate One, Key, Silver Star, Abundance, Travel and make great accessories. All completed bracelets, bangles, and necklaces in the Pandora style range are silver-plated. The plain, unadorned Pandora style bracelets and necklaces are either Silver-plated or Platinum-plated and have trigger or cylinder clasps.

In addition to silver-plated and platinum-plated Pandora style bracelets and necklaces, presents bead necklaces, organza ribbons, leather cords, sterling silver bracelets, lampwork beads, Murano glass beads, Millefiori beads, and other types of beads. Charms and pendants are also available in 925 sterling silver, hill tribe silver, and copper. To put all these together into a stunning piece of jewelry, presents a comprehensive range of functional as well hybrid findings.